Since we had some minced meat that was about to go bad in the fridge, we had to move “Meatless Monday” over to Tuesday this week (we’re having cauliflower nachos tomorrow, yay!). For some reason we’ve been eating pretty much only vegetarian meals and chicken all January, but today we decided to make mini pizzas, and they turned out really delicious!

Mini Pizza

Let me give you a simple explanation of how they are made:

  • Cut tortillas into round pieces and put them in a muffin tin
  • Fill with whatever you like to put on your pizza normally – simple or advanced, vegetarian or with meat, it’s up to you!
  • Top it with cheese, more cheese and some oregano

Today we decided to make a simple version: Tomato sauce with minced meat, pineapple on mine (I mean of course, duh), topped with cheese and my moms homemade pizza spice (which is mostly home grown oregano). Simple but delicious!

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