Today I found the time to enjoy some lovely mint tea while knitting, and I wish I would do that more often; it’s so cozy!


I’m currently working on a little blanket that I started making months ago, and it’s actually turning out quite well! I haven’t really been doing any knitting or crocheting for quite some time now, so it was nice to get started again.. The only problem is that I have too many projects, and I always feel like starting on a new project before the last one is done.. ALWAYS! I believe I’m not the only one “suffering” from that problem though.. You can never have enough projects, nor can you have enough yarn, am I right?! 😉

A clean house is a sign of not enough yarn..

Tonight we’re going to eat some typical Dutch food – Kroketten and bami are my favorites at the moment, together with fries of course. Healthy? Nope! – while watching The Good Wife on Netflix and raiding with guildies in World of Warcraft a little later. I’m so ready for weekend right now! Are you?